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Silver Animal Charms

Browse our collection of Sterling Silver Enamel Animal Charms. Classic Charms offers a wide variety of Sterling Silver Charm Jewelry charming enough for any silver charm bracelet, Sterling Silver charm holder or charm necklace. At Classic Charms, we've assembled the most fascinating, unique, hard to locate, Sterling Silver Enamel Animal charm collection that is crafted to last and designed to coordinate with any outfit, for work or for play. We offer the largest collection of charms for your Sterling Silver charm bracelet, or charm necklace.

Silver Enamel Teddy Bear with Hat 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Teddy Bear 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Blue Bunny 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Hummingbird CZ 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Butterfly Charm
Silver Enamel Spotted Dog 3-D Charm
Silver Swarovski Elements Paw Print Charm
Silver Enamel Dog Bone and Bowl Charm
Silver Enamel Pet Dog Frame Charm
Silver Enamel Paw Print Heart Charm
Silver Enamel Cat 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Chicken 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Piggy 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Bunny 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Horse 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Rooster 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Cow 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Frog 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Porcupine 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Frog with Crown 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Horse and Jockey 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Parrot 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel CZ Lovebirds 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Peacock 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Pink Birdie 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Owl 3-D Charm
Silver CZ Owl 3-D Charm
Silver CZ Large Owl 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Fish 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Reindeer 3-D Charm
Silver Enamel Dragon Charm
Silver Enamel Bird and Clover Charm
Stellar White Silver Black Paw Print Disc Charm
Stellar White Silver Cat Print Disc Charm
Stellar White Silver Horse Disc Charm
Stellar White Silver Horseshoe Disc Charm
Stellar White Silver Kitty Cat Stick Figure Disc Charm
Stellar White Silver Paw Print Disc Charm
Stellar White Silver Puppy Dog Stick Figure Disc Charm
Stellar White Silver Three Dolphins Disc Charm
Silver Angelfish Charm
Silver Small Butterfly Charm
Silver Tree Frog Charm
Silver Saddle Charm
Silver Small Dolphin Charm
Silver Small Elephant Charm
Silver Hear/See/Speak No Evil Monkeys Charm
Silver Dog Bone Charm
Silver DAWG Bowl Charm
Silver Puppy with Paper Charm
Silver Small Turtle Charm
Silver Small Ladybug Charm
Silver Large Mouth Bass Charm
Silver Pretty Horse with Head Down Charm
Silver Pig in Bucket Charm
Silver Bunny with Basket Charm
Silver Horseshoe Charm
Silver Small Dragon Charm
Silver Egg with Bunny & Flowers Charm
Silver Puppy in Rocking Chair Charm
Silver Sitting Labrador Charm
Silver Standing Rottweiler Charm
Silver Sitting Baby Elephant Charm
Silver Birdhouse Charm
Silver Oxidized Cat Charm
Silver Rooster Charm
Silver Bee Charm
Silver Owl Charm
Silver Sitting Rabbit Charm
Silver Prancing Horse Charm
Silver Puppy Dog Charm
Silver Dolphin Charm
Silver Red and Black Enamel Ladybug Charm
Silver Poodle Dog Charm
Silver Golden Retriever Charm
Silver Walking Cat Charm
Silver Standing Labrador Dog Charm
Silver Dog Angel Charm
Silver Cat Angel Charm
Silver Chow Dog Charm
Silver Yorkshire Terrier Dog Charm
Silver Pomeranian Dog Charm
Silver Collie Dog Charm
Silver Unicorn Charm
Silver Frog Prince Charm
Silver Moose Charm
Silver Cockatiel Bird Charm
Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bunny Pendant
Silver Mouse Charm
Silver Penguin Charm
Silver Galloping Horse Charm
Silver Cat with Movable Tail Charm
Silver Kitty Food Dish Charm
Silver Democratic Donkey Charm
Silver Wise Owl Charm
Silver Chick in Egg Charm
Silver Fawn Charm
Silver 8 Point Buck Charm
Silver Frog Playing Violin Charm
Silver Whale Charm
Silver Cocker Spaniel Dog Charm
Silver I Love Dogs Charm
Silver Koala in Tree Charm
Silver Paw Print Charm
Silver Goldfish Charm
Silver Rubber Duck Charm
Silver Greyhound Dog Charm
Silver Husky Dog Charm
Silver Tyrannosaurus Rex Charm
Silver Giraffe Charm
Silver Caterpillar with Pipe Charm
Silver Squirrel Charm
Silver Standing Horse Charm
Silver Bulldog Face Charm
Silver Republican Elephant Charm
Silver Bear with a Balloon Charm
Silver Oxidized Playful Dolphins Charm
Silver Manatee Charm
Silver Beagle Dog Charm
Silver Chihuahua Dog Charm
Silver Scarlet Macaw Charm
Silver Crystal Elephant Charm
Silver Filigree Butterfly Charm
Silver Polished Butterfly Charm
Silver Engravable Dog Tag Charm
Silver Gold Plated Dog and Bone Charm
Silver I love Cats Charm
Silver Flying Pig Charm
Silver Oxidized Whale Tail Charm
Silver Kitten and Ball Charm
Silver Polished Dove Charm
Silver Hummingbird Charm
Silver Faithful Dog Charm
Silver Dove Charm
Silver Cut Out Kitty Paw Print Charm
Silver Cut Out Dog Bone Charm
Silver Enamel Bumble Bee Charm
Silver Top Dog Bone Charm
Silver Pug Dog Charm
Silver Lion Charm
Silver Sharks Tooth Charm
Silver Sea Turtle Charm
Silver Cute Cat Charm
Silver Bat Charm
Silver Howling Wolf Charm
Silver Enamel Spider Charm
Silver Wolf Charm
Silver Round Dog Bone Charm
Silver Dragonfly Charm
Silver Love Birds on Branch
Silver Gecko Charm
Silver Dachshund with Movable Head Charm
Silver Horse Head Charm
Silver Bunny Charm
Silver Running Horse Charm
Silver Fish Charm
Silver Armadillo Charming Animal Charm
Silver Frog Charming Animal Charm
Silver Hen Charming Animal Charm
Silver Seagull Charming Animal Charm
Silver Hummingbird Charming Animal Charm
Silver Giraffe Charming Animal Charm
Silver Horse Charming Animal Charm
Silver Owl Charming Animal Charm
Silver Poodle Charming Animal Charm
Silver Deer Charming Animal Charm
Silver Flamingo Charming Animal Charm
Silver Turtle Charming Animal Charm
Silver Penguin Charming Animal Charm
Silver Skunk Charming Animal Charm
Silver Elephant Charming Animal Charm
Silver Monkey Charming Animal Charm
Silver Koala Bear Charming Animal Charm
Silver Rabbit Charming Animal Charm
Silver Possum Charming Animal Charm
Silver Bear Charming Animal Charm
Silver Mouse Charming Animal Charm
Silver Pawprint Charming Animal Charm
Silver Pig Charming Animal Charm
Silver Scottish Terrier Dog Charming Animal Charm
Silver Baby Chick Charming Animal Charm
Silver Flopppy Ears Dog Charming Animal Charm
Silver Cat Charming Animal Charm
Silver Lion Charm
Silver Penguin Charm
Silver Enamel 3-D Dog in Bath Charm
Silver Enamel 3-D Teddy Bear Charm
Silver 3-D Giraffe Charm
Silver 3-D Pegasus Charm
Silver 3-D Lizard Charm
Silver Green Enamel 3-D Turtle Charm
Zable Silver Green Enamel Turtle Charm
Silver Enamel Panda Bear Charm
Silver White & Black Enamel Cow Charm
Silver & Gold Plated 3-D Beehive Charm
Silver CZ 3-D Red Enamel Lady Bug Charm
Silver 3-D Dog Bowl & Bone Charm
Silver Clear CZ 3-D Bone Charm
Silver 3-D Black Enamel Fish Charm
Silver 3-D Angel Fish Charm
Silver 3-D Yellow & Pink Enamel Fish Charm
Silver Black Enamel 3-D Dolphin Charm
Silver 3-D Wings Charm
Silver 3-D Yellow & Black Enamel Bird Charm
Silver 3-D Red Enamel Parrot Charm
Silver Green CZ Turtle Charm
Silver Brown Enamel Alligator Charm
Silver Yellow Enamel Alligator Charm
LeStage Red Enamel Lady Bug Charm
LeStage White Enamel Poodle Dog Charm
LeStage Black Enamel Scottie Dog Charm
Zable Silver Crystals Dog Bone Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Puppy Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Robot Dog Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Kitten Charm
Zable Silver 3-D Bird Cage Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Birds Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Cow Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Dolphin Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Crab Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Crocodile Charm
Zable Silver Butterfly Pink Crystals Bead Charm
Zable Silver Whale Tail with Crystals Bead Charm
Silver Pink Enamel 3-D Heart Owl  Charm
Silver Yellow Enamel 3-D Cat Charm
Silver Yellow Enamel 3-D Snail Charm
Silver Tan Enamel 3-D Snail Charm
Silver Green Enamel 3-D Frog Charm
Silver Tan Enamel 3-D Bunny Charm
Silver Pink Enameled 3-D Bunny Charm
Silver Yelow Black Enameled 3-D Bumble Bee Charm
Silver White Enameled 3-D Swan Charm
Silver Enameled 3-D Yellow Jacket Bee Charm
Silver 3-D Enameled Blue Dolphin Charm
Silver 3-D Enameled Orca Whale Charm
Silver 3-D Pink Enamel Unicorn Charm
Silver Enamel 3-D Robot Dog Charm
Silver Enamel Grey 3-D Mouse Charm
Silver Enameled 3-D Sheep Charm
Silver Enamel 3-D Teddy Bear holding Balloons Charm
Silver Yellow Cystal Duck Charm
Silver Yellow Enamel 3-D Duck Charm
Sterling Silver 3D Doghouse Charm
Sterling Silver Bunny Rabbit Charm
Sterling Silver Butterfly Charm
Sterling Silver Cat Charm
Sterling Silver Dolphin In Ring Charm
Sterling Silver Mermaid Charm
Sterling Silver Monarch Butterfly Charm
Sterling Silver Monkey Charm
Sterling Silver Mouse Prince Charm
Sterling Silver Panda Charm
Sterling Silver Penguin Charm
Sterling Silver Pig with Bow Charm
Sterling Silver Rottweiler Charm
Sterling Silver Swan Charm
Sterling Silver Two Dolphins Charm
Sterling Silver Whimsical Lamb Charm
Zable Silver Brown Enamel Racehorse Bead Charm
Zable Silver Butterfly Bead Charm
Zable Silver CZ Unicorn Bead Charm
Zable Silver Dolphin Bead Charm
Zable Silver Elephant Bead Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Fish Bead Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Ladybug Bead Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Panda Bear Bead Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Penguin Bead Charm
Zable Silver Enamel Pig Bead Charm
Zable Silver Oyster with Pearl Bead Charm
Zable Silver Red Enamel Ladybug Bead Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Antiqued Scottie Dog Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enamel Dog Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enamel Saddle Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enamel Swan Charm
Sterling Silver Antiqued Turtle Charm
Sterling Silver CZ Enamel Seal Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Hummingbird Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Parrot Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Penguin Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Swan Charm
Sterling Silver Horse and Shoe Charm
Sterling Silver Love Birds on Tree Limb Charm
Sterling Silver Poodle Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Pink Snail Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enameled Lady Bug Charm
Silver Enamel Bumble Bee Charm
Sterling Silver Lilac Enameled Dragonfly Charm
Silver Bee Charm
Sterling Silver Green Enameled & CZ Butterfly Charm
Sterling Silver CZ Butterfly Charm
Sterling Silver Polished Feather Charm
Sterling Silver Turtle Charm
Silver Sea Turtle Charm
Sterling Silver Green & Clear CZ Turtle Charm
Sterling Silver CZ Lizard Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enameled Pearl Crystal Frog Charm
Sterling Silver Polished Cat Charm
Silver I love Cats Charm
Sterling Silver Scary Cat with Charm
Sterling Silver Cat w/ Fancy Charm
Sterling Silver Kitten w/ Ball Charm
Sterling Silver Light Brown & Enamel Dog Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enameled Dog Charm
Silver Dog Bone Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enameled Cow Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enameled Pig Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enamel Penguin Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Fire Truck Charm
Sterling Silver Movable & Enamel Clown Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enamel Grey Mouse Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Enamel Panda Charm
Silver Enamel Panda Bear Charm
Sterling Silver Photo Frame Dog House Charm
Sterling Silver Photo Frame Cat Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Dolphin Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Butterfly Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Piggy Bank Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Frog Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Lady Bug Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Turtle Charm
Sterling Silver CZ Dog Bone Charm
Sterling Silver Seal Charm
Sterling Silver Great Dane Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Dragon Fly Charm
Sterling Silver Frog Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Lady Bug Charm
Sterling Silver Oriental Carp Fish Charm
Sterling Silver Reef Fish Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Clown Fish Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Pig Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Bumble Bee Charm
Sterling Silver Manatee Charm
Sterling Silver Ladybug Charm
Sterling Silver Dolphin Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Bone Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Pink Flamingo Charm
Sterling Silver Pink and White Enamel Unicorn Charm
Sterling Silver Snake Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Dolphin Charm
Sterling Silver Penguin Charm
Sterling Silver Penguin Charm
Sterling Silver 3-D Penguin Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Bumble Bee Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Bee Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Ladybug Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Plate "Spot" Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Collar Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel "I love my Dog" Charm
Sterling Silver "I love my Puppy" Enamel Paw Print Charm
Sterling Silver Enamel Heart Paw Print "Fluffy" Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Paw Print Charm
Sterling Silver Spider Web Charm
Sterling Silver Dove and Heart Charm
Sterling Silver Dog Crown with Enamel Paw Prints Charm
Sterling Silver Horsehead Charm
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What our customers are saying

  • Despite ordering this over the Christmas holiday, they shipped this out relatively quickly. They are obviously well organized with their orders and deliveries.
  • I purchased 3 pieces of jewelry and all of them are very nice quality and as described. I would purchase from them again.
  • I was very happy to give that charm as a gift! It came in a beautiful box and the charm was perfect. It was a Godmother charm & it was a hard-to-locate item as I was looking to purchase it right before Christmas.....this site was easy to see, purchase from & hassle-free for me! I'd definitely recommend it to others. thanks!
  • Always ships immediately; great for last-minute purchases. High quality merchandise. Pictures and size/weight listings allow for intelligent selection. Have used them for a few years now and have no complaints.
  • Good experience with this merchant. Fast shipping = Happy wife!
  • Beautiful necklace, website was easy, shipping was quick.
  • Fastest shipping ever. Received item within TWO days of placing order.also charm came in nice quality velvet box. I was impressed. Will definitely use again.
  • The charms I ordered were prettier than the pictures online. I was very happy with them and the shipping box they came in. Also the charms were in beautiful little red boxes. I would definitely order my charms from this merchant again.
  • It was so amazing I called this business to let them know how much I was pleased with the order.
  • Lissette's enthusiasm helped me achieved a golden moment for Niece 13th Birthday. Thank you for going above and beyond with the drop ship offer. I learned one from you.....quality, timing and smiles will bring me back to this company for future orders and recommendations. Thanks again ALL.
  • I was quite impressed with this vendor and will recommend them to my friends! They had a question about my order and called me and emailed me to follow up. Great customer service! I am happy extremely happy with my purchase and would use this vendor again.
  • Great selection, easy to navigate site, quick turn around time on orders. I would definitely shop with them again.
  • This is my third purchase from this outstanding merchant. I keep coming back because this is a wonderful online site with everything you could want in the way of charm selection as well as ease of purchase and super quick shipping!! - A very satisfied repeat customer
  • Nicely packaged
  • I really like my toe rings! Overall it was a good experience. My order was delivered in a timely manner, and the prices are great. I would DEFINITELY use this merchant again!
  • Charm was beautifully packaged, in great shape, and arrived very promptly. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!
  • The item was exactly as described, the price was competitive, the customer service was helpful and the delivery was fast. What more could you want?
  • These charms were engraved they really were beautiful. And they arrived more quickly than I had expected.
  • They were very helpful and their products are great. Thanks for your great customer service.
  • Had to call company and ask question about product - very helpful.
  • Great service - excellent packaging - better than expected products - WOW! I will be buying all my charms from Classic Charms. Thanks!
  • I was somewhat anxious while waiting for the charm to arrive as I was not sure the picture would match the actual product. I had no reason to worry as the charm exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with this purchase, know the recipient will love this gift and look forward to doing business again in the future. I hope ongoing service, should anything happen with this charm, will be as stellar as the product is. Thank you so much.
  • Excellent personal service when I had a problem with the order
  • Beautiful charm. Very nice quality. I would recommend to others.
  • It was great my son LOVED it. We were pleased with the quality of the charm that we received. We will buy from here again. Thanks
  • I received the package this afternoon, and I wanted to tell you that it is just what I wanted. Your customer service and service in general were wonderful and quick. Thank you very much, and when I need another, I will know exactly where to go, and where to send my friends.
  • Excellent customer service. Quick , speedy delivery & great communication! Would purchase from this vendor again.
  • They have a great selection of charms. The prices were very good, also. I received my charm quickly. I would order from them again and would recommend them.
  • So much easier than using a local store. They located the specific charm I was searching for and had it at my house in two days!
  • Always a pleasant shopping experience with this fine merchant. I will come back again!!
  • This is the second time Ive ordered gifts from this merchant. I live overseas, but have the gifts sent to family in the US. Everything has always gone smoothly.
  • This company was WONDERFUL to work with ! I just stumbled upon them while doing a random search. Their selections were terrific, their prices were better than what tends to be out there at other companies and their website was extremely easy to use. In the end, I placed 2 orders with them....both were delivered in very reasonable amounts of time and I am totally satisfied with the items I ordered !!! I very much appreciated the E-mail confirmation of the order as wondering if it went through ok....what more could you ask for....they are on my must shop with them again list.....keep up the good work.
  • I was very impressed with the fast service and the quality of the basketball charm I had purchased. It is exactly what I was looking for and look forward to future purchases!!
  • My friend and I are very happy with our charm. It is beautiful. We also like the fact that it has a lifetime warranty. We would definitely buy from this merchant again.
  • Fast easy and enjoyable purchase. I was given all of the information I needed on this order up front and the order arrived even quicker than I thought possible. A great experience!!
  • Great transaction, and I was really pleased with everything. Ordering was easy and the delivery was quick and exactly what I had ordered. Thanks!
  • This was a teacher gift. It came in a beautiful gift box and was delivered promptly. I would definitely use this company again.
  • The charm I ordered as a gift was sent directly to the "giftee", was just as described, arrived very promptly in perfect condition, and was in a lovely gift box. My friend was delighted and so was I!
  • Great communication and execution. I needed something before a certain time, and they went out of their way to over deliver. Great job!
  • Superb Service and Quality
  • Wonderful people to work with.
  • A good selection of product, and good customer service. Thanks
  • Great selection, great prices, and prompt delivery. Couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction
  • Wonderful, easy transaction! I would definitely shop here again. Thank you very much!
  • Staff is very helpful... they went above and beyond to help me find a bracelet that worked for my anniversary.
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