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Why purchase a Rembrandt Charm? Quality never goes out of style. At Rembrandt we build the highest quality into each charm we manufacture.

Quality - Hold a Rembrandt Charm in your hands and experience the feel and craftsmanship. It takes 40 skilled artisans to create each and every charm in our collection. Handcrafted miniature works of art; each piece is polished and perfected by hand with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Selection - choose from thousands of styles; from armadillos to zebras, from angels to zodiac signs, from Alcatraz to the Yukon, Rembrandt has the charms to tell your life story.

Dependability - whether it's an exquisitely detailed charm, a bracelet, or a personalized name necklace, it is backed by Rembrandt's Lifetime Unconditional Warranty for repair or replacement.

Versatility - all charms are available in sterling silver, gold plate, 10 karat or 14 karat yellow gold or 14 karat white gold. For the men in our lives, charms may be converted to tie-tacs and lapel pins.

Affordability - Choose from thousands of charms, all available in silver, yellow gold and white gold. Rembrandt offers a price range to suit every budget, from $15 to $300.

For the Love of Charms
What is it about a charm bracelet that makes us want to add more charms? There is something so personal and charming about charms because it tells our history. Women have been collecting charms and charm bracelets for centuries. A charm bracelet is like wearing your life story on your wrist.

The words "to charm" actually means "to attract" which is exactly what a wearer of a charm bracelet does. Charm bracelets are conversation starters as well as a way to preserve memories and make them last a lifetime and then some. Talk to a woman who has a charm bracelet and you will find there is a story behind each and every charm on her bracelet. Charm bracelets are a way to preserve precious moments in our lives.

Why Charms and Charm Bracelets
Many women start a charm bracelet for their children, as a family heirloom, to be handed down from generation to generation. Charm bracelets typically represent monumental occasions in a persons life, such as their children, their occupation, wedding, hobbies, new home, favorite sport, or even favorite activity. Charm bracelets are like un-written family histories that outlive their owners.

Topics and Types of Charms
Some women put Good luck symbols on their bracelets as a way of protecting them, such as St Anthony or St Michael, or even a bible.

Some popular topics people collect charms on are Mothers Birthstone Charms, travel charms (places they've been), celebrating friendships, such as best friend charms, support of a cause, such as breast cancer awareness charms, their beloved animals, such as dogs and cats, as well as hobbys such as chess, sewing, gardening and even shopping! You can find a charm celebrating just about any occasion in your life from Wedding Anniversaries, to Occupations, to a special date, or even an idea, such as the Past, Present, Future pendants.

Charm bracelets vary in the number of charms, and types of charms that you can add to them. There are many types of charms, such as Enamel Charms, Flat charms, Engravable Charms, Calendar Charms, 3-Dimensional Charms, Diamond Pave Charms, Monograms or personalized charms, diamond cut, laser cut charms and even movable charms. Some people create "theme charm bracelets" whereas all the charms on the bracelet follow a particular theme, whether that is the birth of a new child, the seashore, or a favorite sport.

Most charms have to be soldered onto your bracelet by a jeweler, however there are some charms today that come with a lobster claw clasp that you can move around your bracelet without a jewelers assistance. All charms come with a jump ring or a bail, and depending on the weight of the charm, and who the manufacturer of the charm is on what type of bail it will have.

Charms vary is size and gram weight. Generally most people keep charms relatively the same size on a bracelet, and that varies for each person. Some people feel that under 1" in size is good, while others like the jingle and jangle of larger charms on their bracelets. Charm bracelets are a personal choice and there is no wrong way to create a bracelet.

Uses of Charms
There are so many uses for charms, not only can you add them to a bracelet or charm holder to display them, but you can add them to rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, key rings and even anklets. Some people adorn their beloved pets collars with charms to show their affection toward their animal. Many charms can be made into a tie tac or lapel pin, so even men can wear them! Some people make wineglass charms to use at parties, so their guests can tell whose wineglass is whose!

A unique use for charms is a very old tradition. At a bridal shower, you can attach a several charms to a string and bake it into the cake, and each person attending the shower, gets a nice surprise in their slice of cake! Charms make great bridal attendant gifts, as well as teacher gifts, and many charms hold more than one meaning. Did you know that the penguin symbolizes true love, as once a penguin finds his mate, he never strays and the penguins symbolize soul mates. Many people use the penguin charm at weddings as a symbol of true love. The loving family charm symbolizes the family unit, and some people use them at weddings as a way of joining two families together.

Styles of Charm Bracelets
There are many styles of charm bracelets. First you must decide if you want a Gold or Silver Bracelet. There are many styles of charm bracelets, from your traditional double link, single link or triple link bracelets. Tiffany and Company made the Rolo Link style famous, which has a flat engravable charm attached which can be engraved. There are also many designer charm bracelets which many charms can be added at any time, or just worn without charms. Some charm bracelets come with charms already attached to them, and typically these are theme bracelets.

Types of Charms
Charms typically are available in Sterling Silver or 10K Yellow Gold, 14K Yellow Gold and 14K White Gold. Some manufacturer’s make charms in what is called Gold-Plate, which is basically with a Silver Base to the charm, with a gold overlay to give it the gold coloring, which typically cuts down on the cost of a charm, as charm collecting can get very costly.

Next after choosing your metal, decide what type of charms you want to add to your bracelet. Some people prefer the 3-Dimensional type of charms, because when the bracelet jingles around, the charm looks the same from all angles. If you are collecting gold charms, this can be very costly to have all 3-D Charms. A lot of people mix and match charms.

Some women love the sparkle of a diamond pave charm, however these charms usually are flat on one side, typically a filigree design on the backside because manufacturer's need a flat surface to set the diamonds or gemstones into.

Enamel charms are a nice addition to any bracelet because it adds a splash of color to your bracelet. Diamond Cut charms are also gorgeous because the charms sparkle without the cost of diamonds. Engravable charms are a popular choice, because this allows you to truly make your charms personal.

Many women also like personalized charms, which can be a monogram of their initials, or a charm with the child's name on it. There are some charms that contain Cubic Zirconia’s (CZ) stones, which makes the charm look like diamond charm, but cuts out the cost of a diamond charm.

Decide why you want to collect charms on your bracelet. Some women have more than one bracelet because they design theme bracelets for many themes throughout their life. While other mix charms on their bracelets to celebrate moments or memories in their lives, such as birthstone kid charms or birthstone baby shoe charms celebrating their children (or grandchild), purses, high heel shoe charms, military charms in remembrance of their loved one in the armed forces, or even something they enjoy, such as gambling, sports, holidays such as Christmas or new home charms. Many women add lockets to their bracelets because its a way of storing a photo of a loved one or a lock of hair.

All Charms have markings on them, typically by the manufacturer and also the karat weight (or sterling silver markings). Some charm manufacturers cannot put this on the charm (because there is no room), so they place the markings on the bail or loop at the top of the piece. Many popular charm designers, such as Janel Russel or Rona K use their signature stamped on the charm, which tells the consumer, they have purchased an "original" piece and not a knock-off. Some manufacturer's use genuine stones (gemstones) on their charms, and some use synthetic (man-made) stones. Check to make sure you know the difference. Typically synthetic stones can be found on less expensive items, such as birthstone kid charms, whereas more expensive items, such as birthstone baby shoes use the genuine stones associated with the birth month.

Famous People and their Charm Bracelets
Charm bracelets have graced the wrists of many famous women both in the past and also today. Movies stars tend to set trends in fashion and jewelry, such as Sarah Jessica Parker did with the diamond horseshoe necklace from "Sex and the City" TV Show.

Grace Kelly wore a charm bracelet in her movie "Rear Window" and women quickly caught onto the trend. Many women in Hollywood wore bracelets, such as Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford, Sophia Loren, Debbie Reynolds and Natalie Wood.

Lucille Ball had several charm bracelets that her husband Desi Arnez started for her. Both Lucy and Desi's mothers wore charm bracelets. Her first bracelet comprised of six Desi's hit records that he had made into Gold Charms for her bracelet with the title of his hits on side A and side B. Desi also started a charm bracelet for their daughter, as a family heirloom having many charms of childhood interests, such as a piano, a ballerina and a carousel pony on it, just to name a few.

Marlene Dietrich had several charm bracelets, one of which was presented to her by Frank Sinatra, which was made out of poker chips. She had another charm bracelet that had religious figures and good luck symbols which she always wore when she flew in an airplane, as she was convinced this kept her safe while she was flying.

Comedian, Phyllis Diller also loved her charm bracelets. She had many which was a time line of the highs and lows in her life. A remembrance of where she's been in her life,as well as dreams she had of things she wanted to accomplish.

Elizabeth Taylor was another gal that loved charm bracelets and began her love of collecting charms and charm bracelets when she was a child. One of Liz Taylors bracelets has heart charms on it, signifying her love of her children, husbands and friends.

Mrs. Walt Disney also had a charm bracelet, which Walt gave her. Her bracelet had 22 Miniature Gold Oscars on it, from Oscars that Walt Disney had won over the years.

Mrs. Babe Ruth had a charm bracelet dedicated to her husbands career and her love of the sport of baseball. Her bracelet was what we call today a "themed bracelet".

Famous First Ladies, such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Hilary Clinton have had charm bracelets dipicting important people or places in their lives. Hilary Clinton's bracelet has New York charms on it, while Jackie's charm bracelet had charms that JFK had presented her with. Even JFK had several charm bracelets that he kept in his desk drawer, and no one really knows if they were his mother's or if they were intending to be gifts someday.

The History of Charm Bracelets
People (both men and women) have collected and used charms since prehistoric times. Charms initially were created from bones, shells, clay and even animal tusks. Some were used as adornment, some were worn for good luck or protection from evil and some were buried with loved ones to accompany them into their after life. For centuries charms have been around, and although the metal that they are currently created in is different than years ago, one thing has remained - we love charms because they remind of precious moments in our lives. Sometimes with age, memories tend to fade, but our Mothers and Grandmothers charm bracelets can live forever.

Later charms were created in Gold and Silver and today, you can find charms in these metals with diamonds, gemstones and even hand painted enamel on it, some even with movable parts.

Charms have always been carried as a protection against danger. Many women sent their soldiers charms during World War II as a remembrance of them, as well as a way of "protecting" them while at war. It may have been the soldiers returning from World War II who actually started charm collecting for women. They would pick up a charm of places they had been in Europe. Soon women saw the chance to create a very personal collection of their life and interests.
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